Sanitizer Mist Fog Machine Sprayer Air Disinfection Portable Fogging Smoke Machine


    It is a sturdy and eco-friendly universal disinfectant fog machine for atomized spraying to ensure cleaner and hygienic surroundings and safe health. It is effectively capable of giving maximum for spray output with minimal energy consumption.

    An effective disinfection system used at home, residential complexes, cars, corporate house, schools, retails shops. It has a wide scope of fumigation, sterilization and disinfection.

Product Description

  1. Power : 900W / 1200W / 1500 W
  2. Voltage : AC 110 V/ 220:240 V, 50:60 Hz
  3. Capacity : 100 ml
  4. Consumption : 150mins/1Ltr. Easy 100 ml plastic bottle for disinfectant filling (not included - use can use any 100ml plastic bottle)
  5. Product Size : 31 x 31 x 18 cm
  6. New Weight : 3 Kg
  7. Usage : Disinfection, purification of air, decomposition of odor
  8. CE Approved

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